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This Chardonnay has a deep, bright, golden color that could come from barrel aging, but almost deceives as an older white wine. A very pretty sight.

Subtle aromas with hints of green apples, melon and citrus, a touch of white pepper in the nose and great mineral quality that adds delicate flavors and complexity. Reminds me of some French Chardonnays from the Mâconnais sub-region like Pouilly-Fuisse.

The taste is not overwhelmingly fruity. It has great acidity which balances well with the fruit and there is, definitely, a mineral character that makes this wine a wonderful company with food. At the time of this tasting, a combination of linguini pasta with shrimps, topped with aged parmesan cheese, made an incredible match for this wine.

A Chardonnay of particular elegance, even for a wine with high alcohol, which is noticeable but not disagreeable, made an astounding impression among the tasters.  

A rather short finish in the beginning, consistent with the age of the wine, was very pleasant and, I have to say, memorable. A fine Chardonnay from my favorite region.


Victor Orozco

Wine Master





A light, bright wine, with a pretty intense red color, undoubtedly the color most commonly associated with seduction, sexuality, eroticism and, perhaps, immorality.

Aromas of raspberries, strawberry, soft wood, slightly flowery and spicy. Some cooked raspberry with a touch of beets.

The flavors of this medium body wine are consistent with the delicate minerality in the nose. Its interesting and well-structured composition, and its short to medium finish talk about great age potential where this wine will exhibit the greatness that still lacks at this early age.

Improving with breathing time, this Pinot Noir, 12 hours after was displaying great spicy nose and rich fruity flavors with a fascinating bright acidity. Mushrooms, truffles, almonds, and an incredible rich, medium to full body that wasn’t there the day before. I’d like to try it 2 – 4 years from now.

A great recommendation to let this wine age for a few more years (hopefully 5 years) to get the best of it. A very identifiable Pinot Noir.


Victor Orozco

Wine Master


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