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The Story

What cru9 wine is and how it came to be

cru9 wine is a California micro-winery, owned and managed by Faythe Stone-Brocka. Why the name cru9? cru is a French wine term traditionally translated as “growth”, and Faythe is the 9th and youngest child of Marion (Cole) and Vallie Stone.


You may be wondering how an Iowa farm girl gets involved with the fine wine business. I’ve always loved wine as a consumer, but as a farmer, I want to know about the crop and how the terroir influences the crop. Understanding the nuances of wine meant understanding how climate, soil and “place” impact wine quality. I traveled to the great wine regions of California, my favorite place to grow the cru9 varietals.


My motivation to create cru9 emanated from generations of my family; I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. And perhaps it’s in my blood. Grandpa Charles made his own hooch out of Cole’s Auto Garage in Lawler, Iowa, during prohibition; I’ve had that same itch to make my own brand… wine style of course. That’s a great story to be shared over a bottle of wine someday. I have owned and managed my own businesses since I was 27. Each of those businesses and all those lessons turned into a fine blend for the creation of cru9.


Awhile back, I married a wicked smart engineer and all around great guy. Mike puts up with this wine monkey business and in return gets some great wine at the end of the day. I got the better end of the union. From that union, came 3 sons, who have given me my most valuable life lessons. cru9 is real because of them as well.

cru9 wine is delicious, pleasurable; I could not be more chuffed over it, but I wanted the cru9 brand to make a difference. My faith, uncommon people coming through my life, failing, succeeding- all have firmed up my AQ.

Just as cru9 wine is intentional in its winemaking, it is intentionally cultivating relationships and promoting people learning how to raise themselves up.  When you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, then blow a hole through the tunnel and make the light come to you. The people of House of Hope and Ruby’s Place show people how to find the light. Every time you buy a bottle of cru9 wine and receive pleasure from the drink, you also help someone, who does not have the tools and perhaps did not get the same chances, find the light.


Ruby’s Place, Hayward CA, and House of Hope, Waterloo Iowa, both embody what this brand is intentional about. Even if you don’t buy the wine, use the links below to check out the great things happening at these 2 places and consider giving of your resources to empower a fellow sister and brother, and the little peeps under their care.  Raise your glass to Ruby’s Place and House of Hope. Cheers.

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