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The Wines

The cru9 style

We take our wines very seriously but not so much ourselves. It is the concept of balance that drives our winemaking. Balance is elusive; when it happens, it is alluring. We make wines without pretense and the quality speaks for itself. The wines’ quality comes from the vineyards and appellations from which they are made. We take care to let that sense of place and time show in the finished wine.

We make wines that I love to drink, wines with balance and delicacy. Meaning wines where the power of the fruit is balanced by delicacy in the mouth. I want the wines to taste good, feel good, and integrate seamlessly with the experience of dining or enjoying a glass all on its own, but ultimately become part of the memory with family and friends.

Tasting cru9 wine

My tasting notes are unconventional. For me, wine is about the feeling it invokes; it takes me to a place, people, a memory. I can only give you my perspective, my experience. I cannot tell you how it will taste for you; that is your story.   


By the way, I love stories; I want to hear yours someday.

Cole Sisters Chardonnay RRV 2014

Picture an Iowa humid summer evening, husking the first sweet corn of the season with my Mom, Marion, on the back porch. She’s drinking her beer and I’m drinking Cole Sister’s chardonnay.  My dogs are drooling on my feet with corn silk all over them while Hotel California is playing. Every summer she and I do this, she will say to me ‘Oh Faythe, I just don’t understand how you drink that stuff.’  I retort back, ‘Mom, I don’t understand how you drink beer.’ And we silently agree to disagree and clink our glasses.  


Savory Irish butter and wet Iowa field rock after a morning shower. Pear with honey and walnut on slate; a dash of vanilla.


Marion Pinot Noir RRV 2014

This is one of my song moments, People are Strange. The anticipation, We Will Rock You.  Opening the bottle, Don’t Stop Me Now Freddie Mercury. First taste … Hello, I Love You.


A mouth filling, succulent pinot noir RRV California style.


What is the story behind the label pictures?

Marion Pinot Noir. Marion (Cole) and Vallie Stone; my Mom and Dad. It’s 1946, in Lawler, Iowa, their first car and first baby on the way. The last of 9 kids for them, I was a surprise for her at age 42, twelve years after the true baby. I came along at a difficult time in her life; she decided to have me in spite of what her body was going through. By her faith, she had a knowing all would be fine with her and me. I never had a girl to give her the namesake, Marion, so it was only fitting my first wine was after my Mom. She finds humor in having her picture on 2 wine labels when she doesn’t like wine. Marion and Vallie had a great romance for 62 years, 4 daughters, 5 sons, too many grandchildren and great grandchildren to count. The romance will continue someday, God just isn’t ready for Marion yet.


Cole Sisters Chardonnay. My Mom, Marion, and her 3 sisters. All uncommon strong women worthy of much more than just a picture on a wine bottle. From top to bottom, oldest to youngest. Charlotte, Lucile, Elizabeth (Betty), and Marion. At 98, the earth lost Charlotte but she is living it up with my Uncle George now. Charlotte and George moved to California long before I came along, but I’m so thankful for my CA family on my work trips out West. My Mom, is forever grateful to her big sis, Charlotte, providing for the family when they were younger.  The Cole Sisters are pictured above on their last trip all together in 2012.

I was fortunate enough to experience some great trips with Mom and my 3 aunts, as well as my sisters and cousins, the past several years. Las Vegas and St. Helena, CA will never be the same. So many stories to share over a bottle of wine.

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