It Stops with Me– Dusky’s Story of Resilience in the Face of Poverty and Abuse

When Dusky was a little girl, her She-Ra shoes had holes. Classmates made fun of her ugly, second-hand winter coat that wouldn’t zip. Her family received Thanksgiving boxes of food from strangers. Dusky and her sister were raised by their single mother who was trapped in a cycle of poverty and violent relationships. Their living conditions were erratic. *Cue Record … Read More

Creepy Pumpkin Meets Pinot Noir:  The Backstory to cru9 Label

“Faythe, what’s with the label name?” I hear this all the time.  Here’s the story. Once upon a time… CRU9 had a He Business Partner who worked together with the She, a.k.a Faythe. They never saw eye-to-eye on branding, and each and every label was a new battle. For some perspective, it was like Jessie and Walter scenario for my … Read More

Crossing Oceans for Freedom – Faryal’s Journey to Overcome Abuse

What is home? Perhaps it is a place where children experience peace, love, bravery and trust. Or, it’s the opportunity to host 40 friends for a traditional Pakistani dinner featuring nine main dishes. Faryal’s visions of a safe and educated home are what drove her to take the biggest risk of her life. Faryal was born and raised in Pakistan, … Read More

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