CRU9 wine is intentional in crafting exceptional wines, cultivating relationships and promoting strong women who are learning how to raise themselves up.

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It’s She Time. As Ever, She Owns It.

Just as CRU9 wine is intentional in its winemaking, it is intentionally cultivating relationships and promoting people learning how to raise themselves up. When you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, then blow a hole through the tunnel and make the light come to you. The people of House of Hope and Ruby’s Place show people how to find the light. Every time you buy a CRU9 bottle, you also help level the playing field for survivors of human trafficking, domestic abuse, and homelessness. Luck is elusive. Join us in creating it for others.

Ruby’s Place, Hayward CA, and House of Hope, Waterloo Iowa, both embody what this brand is intentional about. Even if you don’t buy the wine, use the links below to check out the healing and successes happening at these 2 nonprofit shelters/transitional housing organizations and consider giving of your resources to empower a fellow sister and brother, and the little people under their care.  Raise your glass to Ruby’s Place and House of Hope. Cheers.

House of Hope
Waterloo, IA

Dorothy’s House
Des Moines, IA

Ruby’s Place
Hayward, CA

Alternatives Pregnancy Center
Waterloo, IA

Ruby’s Place is a non-profit agency in Hayward, California that has provided shelter and supportive services since 1972 for families and individuals who experience domestic violence,  and more recently human trafficking. Ruby’s Place was one of the first shelters for families and individuals in the Bay Area established by community volunteers.

The Vision of Ruby’s Place: Safe and stable families, one person at a time.

The Mission of Ruby’s Place is to provide prevention and supportive services to the community and people impacted by domestic violence or human trafficking.

House of Hope, Our Mission

House of Hope provides homeless mothers with individualized support and transitional housing to achieve secure families and permanent homes. Our vision is to end the cycle of homelessness for mothers and children with respect, empowerment, stewardship and accountability as our core values. Barriers are meant to be broken. Education. Debt. Livable wages. Childcare. Domestic abuse. Criminal history. These are the barriers that can make it hard to support your family. We know, and we want to help. Join the family.

By joining the House of Hope family, Survivors receive:

  • A permanent home for two years.
  • Support and resources for finding work and/or completing an education.
  • Child care.
  • Mentoring for your children.
  • Transportation assistance.
  • Personal case management assistance.
  • Life skills education.

Dorothy’s House Mission, Vision & Comprehensive Care

Mission: Dorothy’s House provides a safe place for the practice of life for those girls whose lives have been interrupted by the sex trafficking industry.

Vision: We offer girls an opportunity to recover their bodies, hearts, souls and voices by providing basic needs, beginning with security in a home environment.  To this we add a healthy diet, specialized care, education and training, and the ability to recognize their potential and dream of a positive future.

Comprehensive Care: Each woman will receive a customized program based on her own unique circumstances.

Our programming is based on four pillars of care, including:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Well Being
  • Community Engagement
  • Life/Job Skills & Education

Alternatives Pregnancy Center

Since 1991, Alternatives Pregnancy Center has provided services to thousands of men, women and families, all free of charge.  We exist to be a first stop for people facing an unplanned pregnancy, to address at risk sexual behavior and to help build healthy families.  We provide our clients with free pregnancy tests, free STD Tests, and free ultrasounds. We’ve supported couples through the adoption process and assisted many others on their journey to become successful parents.  Our parenting program provides pregnancy and parenting education, emotional and spiritual support and free material assistance.

Laura was kidnapped by an acquaintance when she asked him for help in getting back to the state of Washington. Instead, he brought her to San Francisco where he forced her into sex trafficking. She was deprived of food and medication for an infection she was battling. Laura was not able to have contact with her friends or family but most of all – her daughter. He was subsequently arrested and pled guilty to Human Trafficking. Laura and her five year old daughter were reunited and came to us for help and support throughout the trial. Since coming to Ruby’s House shelter, the staff has provided Laura and her daughter with case management, intense trauma and crisis treatment and basic necessities such as food and clothing. Her daughter is enrolled in kindergarten and mother and child are reconnecting through play therapy within our Children’s Program. She is currently seeking assistance with Witness Protection and Victims of Crime so she can relocate and start a new life with her daughter.




“We came to Ruby’s Place with our hearts in our hands & left with the world at our fingertips. We are truly living in the actualization that anything is possible & are prospering in the gift of hope you gave us. For this, we are deeply grateful and will continue to share the blessing of our testimony with others.”

Krystle & Triplets








“House of Hope is one of those rare local organizations that not only addresses a problem for an individual, but aims to create generational impact for the family as well as strengthens the community around it through building stronger women and families.”

Megan Johnson, former House of Hope mom