The cru9 Style

It is the concept of balance that drives our winemaking. Balance is elusive; when it happens, it is alluring. We make wines without pretense and the quality speaks for itself. The wines’ quality comes from the vineyards, the appellations, from which they are made. We take care to let that sense of place and time show in the finished wine.

We make wines that I love to drink, wines with balance and delicacy. Meaning wines where the power of the fruit is balanced by delicacy in the mouth. I want the wines to taste good, feel good, and integrate seamlessly with the experience of dining or enjoying a glass all on its own, but ultimately become part of the memory with family and friends.

cru9th Power

For me, wine is about the feeling it invokes; it takes me to a place, a song, a memory, a story. By the way, I love stories; I want to hear yours someday.